My Miss America Platform

I know for a fact, I will never enter a beauty contest. But, I can promise you, if I had aspired to be a Pageant contestant, I know exactly what my ‘platform’ would be – Comfortable Shoes. No one has advocated this subject, yet think about how much pain and suffering our feet endure. Since I am a podiatrist, I see the anguish and struggle on a daily basis and how people, who when put in the proper shoe gear, have many of their foot problems solved – it’s true!

So, walk alongside me as I take a few moments during this pageant pipe dream and champion the subject of Comfortable Shoes. First, there is the obvious…that darn number (aka, shoe size) we all commit to memory. Many of you think your shoe size should be the ‘size’ your feet were christened once considered full-sized. Unfortunately, ligaments loosen, things stretch out, maybe you had a baby or two. Suddenly, your feet don’t fit in those beautiful Cinderella slippers any more. Solution…get a larger size!

Second, there is the subject of width. Everyone seems to be an expert regarding personal width. People tell me they are a narrow, or have a narrow heel, or are on the other spectrum and are a triple E. Shoe stores like to carry mostly medium widths, but if you are narrow or wide, insist on looking for narrow/wide shoes or ask the shoe store if they could order some for you. Your feet will thank you!

Third, there is the depth of a shoe. People don’t know there is another dimension while searching for Comfortable Shoes. If you have a high instep (aka, cavus foot), an extra depth shoe might completely change your world. 

People with high-arched feet use several strategies when looking for shoes. They either wear a loafer, so nothing presses on the top of their foot, or they lace their shoes really loose, so no pressure occurs on the top of their foot.

If you have ever been told to put an insole in your shoe and you have a high-arched foot, there is no room for it. So, ask for extra depth Shoes. SAS (San Antonio Shoes) carries extra-depth shoes – they are not all ugly! Redwing Work Boots can be obtained in extra depth, too. Hoka shoes are deeper. You can always Google ‘extra depth shoes’ and see what comes up on Zappos and other reputable sites. 

Last but not least, going barefoot while you are working at home or around the house can cause problems. Please put your shoes on. Of course, in support of my pageant-worthy platform, please be sure and put on Comfortable Shoes.

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